Wrap Up

After reflecting over the highly influential journalists we learned about in Journalism this year, I think it is safe to say that Americans are privileged with these reporters and investigators and their graceful… Continue reading

Gangs or Terrorists?

When it comes to horrific criminal acts done by one person, we find it easy to label them as terrorists; but, should we rethink who we categorize under this label? CNN reporter, LZ… Continue reading

Morton Mintz v. Tobacco Industry

As finals come upon us in this last week, students find themselves resorting to a number of de-stressing methods, whether they are watching TV, talking to friends from back home, doodling in their… Continue reading

So Long Forgotten

After having reflected on the number of up and coming inspirational rappers of our time, including Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar, etc. I decided to do some research and find different genres of music that… Continue reading

Does Terrorism Have A Race?

When it comes to making assumptions and stereotypes, the majority of Americans take the cake. As we flip through the news stations and hear of a shooting in a rough part of a… Continue reading

Hydraulic Fracturing aka Fracking

In today’s society we are constantly faced with this dilemma of whether or not we as a community are doing enough for our environment? Are you fighting for its equality and the equality… Continue reading

Greg Palast: Author, Investigator, and Director

Muckraking, a term coined before the First World War, was used to describe one who investigated and published truthful reports on topics including politics, government, environmental issues, etc. Their duty was to present… Continue reading

Wedge Detroit

While searching for websites that invoked a message of change in its readers, such as Urban Cusp has in the black community, I realized how aimlessly I was searching. I needed to pinpoint… Continue reading

Questions for Cle “Bone” Sloan

1. How much and to what degree do you think the media/movies/music played in the development and corruption of gangs? 2. Do you regret getting involved in gang life or do you think… Continue reading

From Common Sense Comes Inspiration

Thomas Paine, born in 1737 in Thetford in Norfolk, grew up the son of a poor Quaker corset maker.  His father had always encouraged him to attend and do well in grammar school,… Continue reading