Beware the Rebellion

Living in Malden, a city located just on the outskirts of northern Boston, I was pleased to find an array of local newspapers to choose from. I decided to pick the article from Cambridge, a city just 15 minutes away from where I live titled under the names The New-England Chronicle or The Boston Gazette. The paper published an article to the public on May 2, 1775, reciting the speech given by Governor George Johnstone.

In his speech, Johnstone questions whether or not to recommit the colony of Massachusetts Bay in a state of rebellion against the British taxation policies. While reading the speech, it is easy to note the dilemma Governor Johnstone is faced with seeing as he clearly understands the grave consequences of announcing a rebellion and warns the people of England that there will surely be no negotiations after this as well as a recourse to weapons.

He was regretful in warning the English people that there would indeed be a rebellion if the King failed to provide the American people with a sense of freedom and independence and to veto all of the unjust regulations and laws they had imposed on them.

The article then incorporates letters written by Governor Trumbull of Connecticut to British General Thomas Gage. He explains that he has no intentions of disturbing the peace between the British and American colonies; however, he does warn the General that the people of Boston will not hesitate to use arms in order to get what they want.

Letters intercepted by the Rebels have been incorporated into the paper. One example is from a father, Thomas Gilbert, who warns his sons not to join the Rebel forces but rather sail to England and pledge allegiance to the King. He tells his sons that it is far nobler to die from a sword than to be hanged like the Rebels.

The article continues by telling of how the Indians will support the Rebel cause and how surrounding areas will make preparations for what appears to be an oncoming battle between Boston and the British colony.

This effort’s involvement in such a powerful movement located so close to home is what made reading this article that much more interesting.