Questions for Cle “Bone” Sloan

1. How much and to what degree do you think the media/movies/music played in the development and corruption of gangs?

2. Do you regret getting involved in gang life or do you think it was your calling to become an advocate for bettering gang life?

3. Was there ever a breaking/turning point in “gang life”? What was it for most gang members? I.e., kids, wives, jobs, etc.

4. Did citizens of the white community, excluding politicians, see that their government was in essence provoking the black community to turn towards violent gangs for a sense of community and means of income?

5. Was the change from the progressive ideology of the Black Panthers and the US Organization to the violent mindset of the Bloods, Crips, etc. just an effect of lacking leadership?

6. You mention that most black leaders are dead because “they probably weren’t doing their jobs”; What do you mean by this? What does a black leaders duties entail?

7. Was the murder of Bunchy Carter at UCLA a conspiracy of the FBI and in turn landed on Karenga because they knew that the Black Panthers and US Organization had issues?

8.Was the economic movement towards Capitalism/individualism “go-getter” ideology a key factor in making gangs more aggressive and close minded about the gang and the gang member himself?

9. Being “bastards” of the Black Panther and US Organization, were the Bloods and Crips initially born out of their violent ways or their revolutionary ideas?

10. Do you think the government wanted to keep the Bloods and Crips segregated from each other? If so, why?

11. After the unification of the Bloods and Crips movement mentioned in the movie, why was it so easily dissolved and regressive to its old ways of killing and “getting even”?

12. Do you think that the gang members need to redirect their hatred like “Lil’ Monster” did? Or is their hatred directed at the right people, they just need to learn how to express these emotions without resorting to violence/guns?

13. Does “Lil’ Monster” imply that the government makes African Americans criminal automatically in the public eye even before they are born?

14. Is this a problem of nature v. nurture? Are we innately programmed to kill and the gangs just trigger that emotion? Or does the gang change us to become more animalistic?

15. Would you say the gang life is all about dehumanizing people in order to make killing easier/make it easier for gang members to do things for the gang?