Wedge Detroit

While searching for websites that invoked a message of change in its readers, such as Urban Cusp has in the black community, I realized how aimlessly I was searching. I needed to pinpoint an area that had been hit with corruption and was now in a state that needed not only a lot of help, but consistent effort and constant want for change. With the state of Michigan in constant turmoil and their current declaration of emergency management from the Federal government, I decided that they are the perfect candidate for this kind of intense and innovative change.

After googling “Detroit social change”, I came across a few website links and blogs, but none hit me like the one titled “Wedge Detroit”. In short, Wedge Detroit is a blog centered around design and constant reform in the Detroit community. Their goal is to reshape the community of Detroit and work with its leading politicians in order to work towards the betterment of the citizens living in Detroit.

In order to do so, they have formed a team of highly creative individuals, including Ajooni Sethi, Dylan Box, Ellen Rutt, and Laura Willming, all of whom are introduced under the “Wedgies” link on the blog. Their job titles, descriptions, and creative pieces are shown on this page as well. The four of these people work to create web designs, t shirts, posters, skateboards, etc. in order to get their message out to the youth and adults of Detroit.

In addition to their more craft like projects, the “Wedgies” have linked up in order to bring about city projects for Detroit, projects that will impact the community and improve the lives of its citizens. A number of their projects can be seen under the “projects” link and are, like most of the pieces in this blog, organized in a creative and easily accessible design which reflects on their works outside of the blog.

Below is the link to the Wedge Detroit blog: Image