So Long Forgotten

After having reflected on the number of up and coming inspirational rappers of our time, including Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar, etc. I decided to do some research and find different genres of music that provide similar positive messages to listeners. Personally, my iPod is overflowing with an array of music ranging from Korn to Nsync and everywhere in between. However, after mindlessly perusing through my iPod the other day on the walk to class, I realized one of those most inspirational bands I had ever listened to, and one of my favorites, is one that not many have heard about. The band goes by the name So Long Forgotten.

The band consists of 6 members, the frontman and songwriter being Micah Boyce, a resident of Illinois. The band started being professionally paid during 2006 and three years later went on to sign their first record deal. They had dreams of making it big and having their music heard worldwide, but things took a turn for the worst when Boyce’s father passed away shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. Boyce claimed that once his father had passed, something in the band changed; that something seemed to be more inspired by something spiritual, an entity greater than the band itself and more powerful than anything any of the members had ever experienced before.

In the lyrics of these songs, it is easy to hear this new perspective on life. The three albums produced by the band, Beneath Our Noble Heads, Things We Can See And Things We Cannot, and Baptism, all demonstrate this powerful message of something greater than ourselves. Their lyrics are motivating and, unlike most screamo-type bands, aren’t focused on self-mutilation, death, depression, etc. which is something quite refreshing to an avid listener like myself. Their message is something quite shocking and not one that many people would expect; all of which is written in vivid descriptions that paint a picture for those listening.

Some of my favorite songs include “Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes”, “Harlot”, and “The Colors On His Hands”. Listed below is a link to the first song mentioned; many of these songs are quite difficult to find on YouTube. If you’re interested in finding more of their songs, all three albums are listed on iTunes. 


“Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes” by So Long Forgotten