Gangs or Terrorists?

When it comes to horrific criminal acts done by one person, we find it easy to label them as terrorists; but, should we rethink who we categorize under this label? CNN reporter, LZ Granderson, believes we should broaden the scope of this term and let it define those who are gang members because aren’t they too terrorizing innocent citizens?

The city of Chicago, IL, is just one of the many places overflowing with these acts of criminal gang violence. To provide perspective of just how horrifying these mass shootings have gotten, Granderson tells in his article “Treat Chicago Gangs as Terrorists”, that 70 shootings in the first quarter of the year was considered a blessing for local residents. If this is seen as a blessing, we must re-evalutate our standards as a country and our methods of protection.

In this article, Granderson also raises the question of whether or not we should label these gang members as terrorists. By labeling them as such we are no longer giving these criminals a scape goat or letting them off easy, instead we are looking at each member as an individual and cracking down on them solely – they would no longer be able to hide behind their gang names or be protected by other members. 

So, when it comes down to it, does it truly matter how we label people criminals, and if so, should we be more cautious about how we do it?