Wrap Up

After reflecting over the highly influential journalists we learned about in Journalism this year, I think it is safe to say that Americans are privileged with these reporters and investigators and their graceful technique in which they allow us to read. We have ranged from journalists during colonial times to those who reported about slavery and the corruption of the United States’ government. We’ve learned about journalists who have delved into the issues of the environment and who have fought against massive corporations in order to get their point across and make changes. We have also looked at news reporters and gang members who have sought to impact the way certain societies live and the dangers they face in their everyday lives. 

With all of this education on past writers, I have come to the conclusion that in essence, it is our job as citizens to keep a vigilant eye and to address the problems that we continue to face even today. These reporters and journalists from the past fought against all obstacles in their paths in order to seek justice. From them, we can find this motivation in order to do the same and strive for a better world, just as they had. This art of journalism never ceases and we must find it in ourselves to push forward and educate the people.